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Guiding Values

Revealing Christ: Showing through every word and action, Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Human Worth: Recognizing the value and dignity of every person as one created in the image of God and for whom Christ gave His life to redeem.

Wholistic Health: Empowering fitness for eternity through promotion of a balanced life that integrates body, mind and spirit.

Inclusive Service: Embracing service to people of every religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, and socio-economic status within our community.

Community Collaboration: Inviting and affirming individuals and community organizations from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to collaborate with us in wellness outreach that extends the healing ministry of Christ.

Stewardship of Resources: Honoring the sacred trust of our God, constituents, community, and those we serve through the judicious use of our time, talent, human, and financial resources.


Mission Statement

To serve our community through wellness and health services by following Christ’s example of meeting needs, building relationships, and empowering lifestyle changes the enhance spiritual, mental, social, and physical wholeness.


Adventist WholeHealth’s vision is to train, mentor, and support churches, centers of influence, and schools toward wholistic health (spiritual, mental, social, physical, and emotional).

If you have any questions about who we are or our health services, feel free to ask! We have helped many people in and around Hamburg PA, Reading PA, Sinking Springs PA, Wyomissing PA, and more!


Click each member to read a little more about each of our awesome team.

Rick Christman, MPH

Rick Christman, MPH

Executive Director

Rick has served as a pastor, publishing director, and wellness coach before joining AWHN in 2017. He is passionate about introducing people to Jesus through health ministry. In his free time, Rick enjoys lifting weights, basketball, outdoor hikes, and spending quality with his wife and two daughters.

Ben Parrish, MS

Ben Parrish, MS

Director of Health Ministries Development

With a background in corporate and community health promotion, Ben works to carry out AWHN’s vision by training, mentoring and supporting health ministry leaders and teams in the delivery of health ministry to their respective churches, centers of influence, schools and surrounding communities. He is passionate about sharing Christ’s ministry of wholeness with the people he meets. In his free time, Ben enjoys a good hit on the tennis court, playing his tuba, and traveling with his wife Brittany.

Marianne Bovee

Marianne Bovee

Financial Assistant

As financial assistant for AWHN, Marianne is responsible for all aspects of accounting. She devotes quality time to ensure that all bills are paid, money is collected, and financial reports are accurate. When not busy with work, she enjoys planning trips and traveling.

Lynette Duman, LPN

Lynette Duman, LPN

Office & Program Assistant

Lynette’s organizational skills keeps the office and staff running smoothly. She has been at AWHN for 12 years. She enjoys reading, camping and visiting her grand kids!

Amanda LaCamera

Amanda LaCamera

Associate Director of Health Ministries

Amanda has a passion for health evangelism and leading people to Jesus as the Great Physician. She works closely with health leaders and teams through training, mentoring and supporting them in engaging in health ministry in their respective churches, centers of influence, schools and communities. Amanda is originally from Brazil and has a degree in chemical engineering. She enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband, Jack, as well as cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Joyce Christman

Joyce Christman

Volunteer Bereavement Coordinator

Joyce’s passion for care among those experiencing loss and grief has led her into coordinating bereavement support services as a chaplain in three different hospitals. Her scope of expertise includes general loss and grief, perinatal loss, and divorce. She offers seminars and training in bereavement support for churches. In her free time, Joyce enjoys nature walks, playing the organ, and spending quality time with family.